Project Description

The OrthoEvolution python package is an easy to use and comprehensive package which aids in the analysis and visualization of comparative genetics & related bioinformatics projects.

The current implementation of this package places an emphasis on the inference of orthologs using NCBI's blast, various sequence alignment strategies, and phylogenetics analyses including PAML, PhymL, ete3, and more tools.

The goal of this project is to create a pipeline framework for current (inference of orthologs) and future (RNA-seek) projects. The Cookies, Manager, Pipeline, and Tools modules act as a framework for our workflow, while the Orthologs module provides access to specific functions for our various ortholog inference projects.

Check out our wiki docs and our read the docs!


Easy Installation

pip install ortho-evol

For development mode installation:

1. git clone

2. cd OrthoEvolution

3. pip install -e .


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